"I don't even know what to wear to this thing. I'm not hip enough."

"Oh jeez, what do I even wear? Can I steal your new black dress? The one with the side slit?"

"Can I wear your new Zara booties???"

Emy and I completely kept our cool the morning of last Saturday's, The Shoot. You know, it was just a casual get together between local artists and designers and photographers and style savants. Totally indifferent—whatever.

We'd met Kathryn Sterner-Sieve, of lifestyle brand, Winsome Goods, early last Spring. She had impressed us with her simple, thoughtfully constructed women's wear line, and with her quarter-life leap of faith—she'd recently quit her job as a designer for Target to start her own clothing line. Fitting and easy, Target worked for her until it just really didn't. Playing it safe has a way of driving a lady a little bit crazy. What would happen if I just went for it?

...Um, The Shoot. The Shoot would happen. Last Saturday at Northeast's Public Functionary, Kathryn gathered a few friends and created a bit of a spectacle to promote her new fall line. Blurring the line between pop-up shop, museum expo and fashion show, she invited the community to sit in on the shooting of her fall look-book.

The photo shoot truly acted as a centerpiece for the entire event—benches surrounded the photographer and models, and guests were invited to take a seat to watch the shoot unfold. Surrounding the action, racks of locally made garments, hats and jewelry lined the walls—on display, but also available to be tried on and purchased. Emy and I browsed Kathryn's latest collection, explored Gina Marie's gorgeous work-wear, and admired Lauren Neal's simple brass pendants. Emy ultimately walked away with Kathryn's perfect-for-fall Malvina Sweater Coat.

We were so excited to get to be a part of The Shoot, and we can't wait to see what Kathryn has in store for us next. In the meantime, we'll continue to ogle her newest designs at Cliché and hope to catch her at more boutiques in the Twin Cities soon.