One For You, One For Her

Sometimes when I'm out shopping for gifts for friends and family, I accidentally buy something for myself. Total accident! You know ... a soy candle here, a Chocolate Fudge Brownie Blizzard there, a pretty necklace from a local designer ... only the necessary stuff. Whether I'm breezing through Cliché  to look at their newest pieces, or stopping by Forage for a coffee and some aesthetic inspiration, I'm always on the lookout for small, affordable pieces that feel like home.

You've got some Mother's Day shopping to do soon, right? Here's a short list of my favorite local jewelry designers and crafters. One for her, one for you.



Vintage chains meet handmade leather tassels, gemstones and beads from all over the world in Litany's unique collections. Whether you're looking for pretty layering pieces, or bold statement necklaces, Jen's got you covered. Plus, she donates part of her sales to local non-profits like ResourceWest and MamaBaby Haiti. These are gifts for you, your own mama, and lots of people in need-- clearly, Jen's a rare gem herself.



Thoughtfully sourced metals transform into hand-carved, highly wearable necklaces, bracelets and earrings in Lauren Neal's Minneapolis studio. According to Neal, these Low Tide Necklaces are inspired by waves, and "the beauty uncovered when the sea pulls away from the shore."  Ever catch any flak for shopping too much? Excuse yourself. It's fair to say that the moon simply pulled you to this one.

Larissa Loden


Larissa Loden designs jewelry for the fabulous and fearless-- think geometric shapes, bold colors and hard metals. Picking up vintage trinkets from flea markets as she travels, Loden carefully crafts pieces that create conversations. You can find her work at small shops all over the U.S.-- scoop them up locally at I Like You, The Wedge, and Digs.

Annika Kaplan

Annika Kaplan

Annika Kaplan draws inspiration for her work from nature and folk traditions. Moon, hand and eye symbols flow through her collections-- timeless and beautiful. I love the simplicity of this pretty little half moon garland. Combining sterling silver connections, brass plates and a 14kt gold clasp, it feels earthy and understated.

Hardt Jewelry


I'm truly a sucker for anything linear and clean. If you look closely, you'll notice a subtle current of equal signs throughout Hardt Jewelry's offerings. Hardt strives to blend beauty and style with its mission for social justice. Partnering with local non-profit RECLAIM, these designers give a portion of their proceeds to promote mental and integrative health for LGBTQ youth. Shopping really never felt so important.

- Diana

All photos pulled from each artist's website